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Do not turn down your mids.
Clean your ears.
Sit on something with back support.
Wear loose fitting clothing.
Avoid overhead lighting.
Close your eyes.
To best understand the material,
Work part-time.
Make less than 20,000 dollars a year.
Grow your hair out.
Live under constant threat of eviction.
Wait until your bills arrive in pink envelopes before paying them.
Have a pregnancy scare.
Have highly personal and easily misunderstood goals.
Maintain a healthy body weight.
Always have a scheme or poorly thought out plan.
Wake after nine but before noon.
Have roommates regardless of your age.
Be a success sexually but remember your failures.
Understand the world wasn’t made for you.
Understand your parents are just people and be nice enough based on merit.
Understand sexual partners know you better than your friends and treat them warmly.
Have definite opinions but understand the world does not care.
Judge people on how they will feature in D&D campaign.
Love animals.
Do not treat retarded people like lepers.
Really don’t treat lepers like lepers.
Be kind to people.
Listen to Rene and Angela.
Do not be afraid of other people’s opinions.
Understand art has a context and don’t dismiss things outright.
Don’t resent people with money.
Don’t be married, do not have children.
Avoid hard drugs, they make you talk too loud and that’s annoying.
Understand people have the right to be tasteless.
Approach dogs with confidence, not fear.
Attach yourself to people who are funny, distance yourself from uptight squares.
Embrace the meteor.
Try new things.

October 24

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Pool Views


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Domestico N · 03

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Causa Sui

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Domestico N · 02

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Converse Weapon Profile

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Domestico N · 01

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Daga Magazine N•12

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I with out kleenex

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2012 — 2013


See Libro Temprano — Early Book

Sebastián Mejía Exhibition

I really like the work of Sebastián, more than a good photographer, is a very good friend. I feel honored to help him doing the poster for his latest exhibition “Intervalo Peatonal” at Metales Pesados Gallery in Santiago, Chile.


Nombre y Forma Book — Camila Valdes

This work gathers everyday incidents. The scenes of each of these photographs deliver information recognizable to many, normal objects that refer to learned names: the similar and the common. Among them, accidental shapes too. Areas hiding coincidences, transformation and a longing for the natural.

Even though this book has nothing to do with words, the silence within them also speaks.


Panorama Book — Clap! 10×10 photobooks

Very thankful to be part of the selection of Clap! 10×10 Latin American Photobooks 2000-2016 with the book that we did with Ediciones Daga for the artist Sebastian Mejia.


CLAP! 10×10 Contemporary Latin American Photobooks

CLAP! 10×10 Contemporary Latin American Photobooks is a photobook reading room that presents 130 contemporary Latin American photobooks from 2000 to 2016. Organized by the nonprofit 10×10 Photobooks, the project launched at the PGH Photo Fair at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh from 13-15 May, 2016 and was exhibited at the Aperture Foundation in New York City from 2-5 November, 2016 before concluding at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH) from 2-3 March 2017. At the end of the reading room tour, all the books in the project will be donated to the Hirsch Library at the MFAH.

Selected by 12 Latin American specialists (either in teams or individually), the reading room is a hands-on opportunity for North American audiences to browse a range of recently published Latin American photobooks that are rarely seen or available in the US. The selected books, representing many of the most exciting innovations in contemporary Latin American photography and publications, will be documented in the forthcoming (Release: March 2017) comprehensive CLAP! book, designed by Ricardo Báez with essays by Luis Weinstein and Joaquim Marçal F. de Andrade.


Food court — Good food

Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth… these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and women’s empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all. This is my collaboration for the Food Court project realeased in the Toronto Art Book Fair 2016, thanks for the energy Chris Lee


Trampoline Hall

Underwater shapes for one of the shows of Tampoline Hall


Panic, International panic, Universal panic, Panic german government, Panic american government, Panic italian government — Lee scratch perry


Photography 10 months ago

Why travels makes you so happy?


Crests & Shields book

I’m very happy to be part of the selection of logotypes for the Crests & Shields book of Counter-Print Books.